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Saranti Beach

Two hours from Athens and 40 km from Thebes there is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Corinthian Gulf and beyond. This is Saranti Beach, a picturesque village with crystal clear waters.

At the end of the village, in the location of Skefri, there is Camping Akti for those who prefer an alternative way of vacation. The large and protected area of ​​the camping has an organized beach with comfortable sunbeds, a café-bar to enjoy a cool drink as well as many food options. There are specially designed areas for both trailers and tents with sufficient shade, while the area also includes sanitary facilities.

Camping Akti

Seaside camping with a large sheltered area suitable for family holidays and more.

Saranti Beach

A picturesque village and a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters.

Camping Akti

Our camping space has specially designed spots for tents with natural or artificial shade, while electricity is also provided.


The café-bar of our camping is equipped so that it can serve your every need.


Our delicious burger is here to fill your empty stomach.

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At Akti our first priority is customer service and your pleasant stay.